To Chile We Go: Three Reasons Why Spontaneous Travel is Necessary

Things that make me happy. Buying spontaneous plane tickets to Chile for ten days.

Other things that make me happy. Somehow managing to convince my family, who by the way has only done light international travel, to join me on my excursion to South America at 5am last week. Needless to say my convincing skills are pretty impressive right now.


Can we take a second to first shout out the most incredible travel group on Facebook Girls Love Travel (GLT) (Yes, this group is only for the ladies) and also Travel Pirates because holy cow.. without these two resources I would have spent over $1000 on a roundtrip flight to the Southest of the South instead of $171. (I do know that Southest is not a word..moving on.) **Find the Back Story Below**


**Travel Pirates had a wild deal the other morning! All last month I was working redeye flights, so basically I was a nocturnal human..which is pretty much just my natural state of being anyways. Back to the point, I got to my house around 5:00am and was scrolling through the inter-webs (aka GLT) and came across a flight deal for a roundtrip ticket to Santiago, Chile for $160 ROUNDTRIP .. yes you read that correctly. Roundtrip tickets to Chile for $160. So naturally I panicked/blacked out and bought a round trip ticket to Chile for my birthday. As I was booking this trip, I figured I should let my mother know. Who by the way has accepted the fact that I am borderline psychotic, when it comes to leaving on a whim.

Little did I know this lady aka mom of mine, was feeling just as psychotic as me and booked tickets for the rest of my family. So yes. The Belli family is going to Chile.. Still convinced she was half asleep when she booked this ticket. But that’s okay because the damage is already done. Yippee! **

On April 9th la familia (Spanish for family) and I will be heading to Santiago, Chile!!

All that being said, here are three reasons why Spontaneous Travel is Completely Necessary:

  1. It is so good for the soul. There is a level of consistency and routine that is good for a person, however, being too consistent or in too much of a routine can often put you in a rut. I am a firm believer that if you see something that makes you happy, you should go out there and claim what is rightfully yours. Spontaneously breaking your routine or doing something constructive, that is out of the norm will release dopamine into your system and boost your pleasure factor. So according to science traveling on a whim is literally healthy.
  2. Spontaneous purchases for the future, give you something to look forward to. Having a date on the calendar that is all about you, will help keep you motivated and on track in the mean time. It is so much easier to work those extra hours, do those extra reps at the gym or even pass up purchasing something you don’t need, when you are anticipating a great adventure. In turn, molding you into the great human you are meant to be.
  3.  Spontaneous travel makes your brain better. When you decide to travel out of nowhere, you have to make time to do research. And researching makes you smarter. And a smarter, more educated you is better for everyone. So yay! Go out there and learn something for your up and coming spontaneous trip! Become the guru of wherever your path is taking you!

And that ladies and gentlemen are the three reasons you should be spontaneous for your next trip and book it when you least expect to! Keep up with travel deals, and when you see something that makes your heart flutter, don’t think too hard. Execute your plan and reap the psychological benefits of it!

If you have been to Chile and have any advice for international FAMILY travel..because this is a little bit new for me, please comment below or shoot me an email. I’d love to hear from you!

xx Kye

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My Favorite Humans

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    1. So awesome!! How lucky are we to have seen that post! You’re going to have the best time, if you have any tips after your trip I’d love to know! Have an amazing time! xx Kye

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