The Two Week Rule

Good Morning Friends! This is going to be a quick post since I drowned you with words last week. Think 500 words or less. Also I am in Atlanta and its 8am and I was not prepared to bring you top-notch info today, I was in The Florida Keys all weekend. Oops. Rest assured I have a video prepared for Friday, just no words to go along with it.


Actually I intended on having words, but I had quite the day yesterday; after realizing I was working at 10am NOT 10pm, I spilled coffee on myself not once but twice, split my finger open, was blocked in by a construction vehicle when I was leaving for my already late start to work and got a run in my tights while en route to said job. So without further ado here is the two-week rule.

**Note** This is mostly targeted to my internet friends that want to travel long-term.

The two-week rule..You just landed in Cambodia.. you have 4 months to spend abroad but your on day 5 and already looking at flights to go back home. It’s hot. The accommodations are crummy. The markets smell so bad you want to chuck. Everyone around you is speaking a weird language. You haven’t connected with any other travelers. You are already sick of rice. Your stomach has not felt the same since you arrived. Your sweaty, lonely and overwhelmed. Maybe something scary happened. Do not stop. KEEP GOING. Make it to two weeks I promise it will get better


It takes time to adjust to traveling long-term. It will take you a minute or five to get into a groove and to figure out your place in the travel community. Every single one of us travels differently (hence the name of this blog) and we will always have a learning curve when trying something new. So embrace the curve.. do not be afraid of the curve. Bring it in like it is a long-lost relative that just popped in empty-handed and all they have to offer you is their presence. Because basically that is what extended travel is.

I’m aware that this post may not resonate with most of you, but it is a very real thing that most travelers experience. Even super seasoned travelers like myself. There is a moment after you arrive in a foreign place where your fight or flight will kick in and your like WTF am I even doing here; honestly it might even be fight and flight. Half of your brain is ready to head for the hills and the other half is ready to crush some souls. Wow.. I did not mean for that to come off so intense but I guess it is too late now.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

So yea.. give it two weeks. Push through it. Cry, who cares. Put away your ego and keep the promise you made to yourself. Stick it out. I promise after two weeks you will start to feel a difference. Make some friends, take some classes, strike up a conversation with the person having coffee next to you. Plan your next big step on your trip. Be interactive within the community and after two weeks you will feel invincible. I PROMISE. You will feel liberated and fabulous..

Surprisingly we are almost at 600 words.. Welp.. I know this was short. Hoping someone walks away from this post like “Oh wow. Great advice.” If not its just another Wednesday ramble to you.

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Any thoughts on the two-week rule? Comment below. I’m curious to know who else has experienced it and what your thoughts are.

As always thank you for reading! See you on Friday.

xx Kye

6 thoughts on “The Two Week Rule

  1. I like the two week rule. I don’t have a single problem when traveling. If I run into any issues I keep right on going and easily keep enjoying my travels, the people, the food, and the scenery. But, I’ve traveled with people who definitely need to read this. Who have had issues moving past crummy circumstances while traveling and enjoying their trip. Great advice!!!! Keep it up!

  2. since I started yachting I must say you are right with the first week is spent in the ocean and the second week prepping for the boss’s arrival and although iv never cried about it I most certainly have complained…the whole responsible captain thing is still alittle overwhelming in its self but after the second week I know there is no turning back……..glad to see your doing well Ky..your reads are very enlightening to a simple soul like myself,say hello to the family for me

    1. It really is so true! I think everyone experiences it and then we learn how to adapt! It’s nice to hear from you! I’m so glad you commented on my post :)) thanks for reading Mikey!! I most definitely will and it sounds like you’re doing great too!!

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