The Art of Doing Nothing

***Hello internet world! I know I have been MIA. We had the Matthew scare down here last week in South Florida, which meant I spent two full days preparing for one inch of rain. That being said, we are feeling super blessed that all we received were mild winds and a little water, our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that was affected. It’s heartbreaking to see how much damage this storm caused not only to our sister states but also to our Caribbean neighbors. Sending so many good vibes. Below is the post that was meant for last Wednesday, hope it is still semi-relevant. xx Kye***

An art I have perfected, is the art of doing nothing. Yes this is a travel blog. Yes I know, you are wondering why I am talking about doing nothing. But we are talking about the art of nothingness because it does pertain to travel, and it’s importance is immense.


I do nothing a lot when I travel. I know this sounds completely absurd but it is necessary. It is especially necessary during long-term travel. The reoccurring theme of my life for the past 3 years has been a constant state of travel. In order to fully enjoy the places you are visiting, you need to learn how to kick back, grab a cold one and enjoy the view. Hard sometimes, I know.


However, I find that when you take a breath from a jam-packed schedule you really get to enjoy the essence of a location. Sometimes doing nothing teaches you more about your surroundings than doing everything. When we travel we feel like we must see and do it all in order to understand the complexity of a place. In my extensive research, I have found that this does not prove to be true.

I have learned so much more about places by simply observing and taking it all in. You see how the locals interact with one another, you see the fashion choices, you experience the mundane. The mundane is crucial to understanding a new city; on a regular basis our life is pretty average. For example, my average is waking up, getting coffee, maybe workout if I’m feeling frisky, go grocery shopping, get a little work done, come home, Netflix and chill by myself. (Thrilling I know). But in Luang Prabang you might watch people wake up before the monks, to gather offering plates to sell to tourists, or see Laotians having breakfast with their families under a makeshift canopy, many people may be taking time for their mid-morning naps, locals will start setting up for the evening market, etc.


All of these activities are normal for Laotians but so incredibly important to who they are as a community. These are the things you miss if you are in a constant state of busyness, observation is the key to enlightenment and understanding.

I am going to leave you with this. Doing nothing is good for your health – it is good for your brain and it is good for your soul. You may disagree with me that one of the best ways to see a city is by doing nothing and that is okay. But if not for anything else, do nothing because it is good for you. In a world where we are constantly engaged and stimulated you deserve to give yourself a break. Leave your phone behind, lock up your laptop, turn off the TV, no reading material. Really do nothing and reconnect with the world. I promise you won’t regret it.


I love when you do nothing. Be like me.

xx Kye


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