Florida Keys Livin’

Good Morning Friday! As you know Fridays are for videos, and this specific Friday is for videos of the Florida Keys! YAY. The fam-bam and I take an annual trip to Key Largo every summers-end. This summer our trip was almost canceled because of the lovely Harmine the Hurricane. Alas she skipped right over us! I’m trying to get better at this video thing, so bare with me for the time being!

However, if you do find my videos semi-barable, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get all the current videos before anyone else!

Happy Friday! xx Kye

One thought on “Florida Keys Livin’

  1. Obsessed! Love the video, love the nachos IN the video, please send? You are getting sooooo good at editing. Love love love it. Looked like so much fun with the fambam! xoxoxo

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