Colombia not Columbia

It’s urgent that you visit Bogotá. Bogotá lives in Colombia. Colombia has things that are important. Things that are important include coffee, cheese, arepas, fried things, corn sent from heaven, a bread delivery service, etc. and that’s really all you need to know.. yes. Post over.


You should also know it is Colombia.. not Columbia. It’s not the sportswear or the University.. we are talking about the country people. Please do not get confused. Trust me when I tell you, I just spared you a very, abusive scolding, from an extremely, proud Colombian, at some point in your life and yes take note that most Colombians fall under the extremely proud category… And to answer your question, it’s true, I did receive that scolding at one point in time from a very proud Colombian, thanks Laura. Viva Colombia!

So back to the point. Colombia is important. It’s important for a lot of reasons, one of those reason used to be cocaine. Which most of us have associated with this great country at one point or another, thanks to Pablo Escobar and shows like Narcos that emulate the prolific drug fascination we all have with Colombia. However, I’m not writing today to tell you about my crazy, cocaine filled weekend, in fact I’m actually writing to tell you the opposite.


Colombia is important for its nature. The vastness of its nature is crippling, you have the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean essentially kissing if it wasn’t for their jealous neighbor Panama. Panama totally interferes with the love fest that is two badass oceans. The Andes Mountain range, which just happens to be the longest mountain range in the world, to our great pleasure it stretches for miles and thanks to the great city of Bogotá, you are basically nestled in its valley the entire time you are eating your face off, no hiking required.  Almost one-third of this country is covered by the Amazon, which HELLO who isn’t dying to see a rainforest? Enough said.

Basically, Colombian nature as a whole is just straight up killing the game, forget Escobar..Mother Nature is the true lord of the land. Now let’s talk coffee. HOLY F*CK. If you thought all of the urban coffee shops popping up all over the states, were something to talk about, you clearly have no knowledge on Colombian coffee. It is the smoothest, yummiest stuff you have ever had. Not to mention the fact that it is something enjoyed all day long. Breakfast coffee, lunch coffee, dinner coffee, a just because coffee. Like what! This is amazing. Coffee for everyone.


Food is also a thing, like I previously noted. Hello corn, potatoes and cheese. If you don’t enjoy any of the above mentioned food groups, then I obviously hate you and we can no longer be internet friends. Just kidding, sort of. You can find corn, potatoes and cheese in everything.

Arepa corn patties stuffed or topped with cheese

Corn on the Cob topped with cheese

Pandebono Cheesy bread

Ajiaco Potato soup with corn

Okay you get the point. Corn, cheese & potatoes for the win.


But real quick, did I mention there is a drink that is strictly sugar and water that cheese is dipped into. I didn’t, well cheese in warm sugar-water is pretty heavenly. Aguapanela. Incase you needed the proper name.

So we all know that for awhile Colombia was an intimidating destination for foreigners to visit but I am determined to rest this case. Give Colombia a chance, she deserves it with her succulent nature, food from the gods and the most beautiful humans you have ever met. Every time I come home from this country I feel so happily fulfilled from my heart, to my belly, all the way down to my toes.


The absolute last thing I did want to mention, was on a more serious note, the peace talks that have been happening between the Colombian government and the rebel organization FARC have finally reached an agreement. FARC will be relaunched as an official political party, in hopes that there will be much less bloodshed and violent crimes committed against one another. Ceasefire. The leader of FARC Timoleon Jimenez has asked for forgiveness for all the pain he has caused. Now we wait to see what the Colombian people decide. Let this be the next great step towards more peace in this world. You cannot fight hate with hate, only love and peace can preserver.

Viva Colombia! Giving us yet another reason to visit such an incredible place!

“Colombia celebrates, the planet celebrates because there is one less war in the world.” President Juan Manuel Santos

xx Kye


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