Can A Travel Blogger/Professional Become Tired of Traveling?

It’s complicated. You know.

I feel like I have been in a relationship with travel for a very long time.. and though I haven’t stopped moving in the last year.. In fact, I think I have traveled the most consistently this year.. I think my relationship status with wanderlust has currently changed.

**I’m about to load you up with photos!**

I have become tired and unmotivated and complacent

** read — there is no inspiration behind these eyeballs**

This year has truly been one for the books — I jumped over to South America a couple times, took my first trip to Mexico, made it to Europe, went back to Cape Cod, explored new states, participated in weddings and have taken on a fondness to a certain region in Pennsylvania.

I’ve been spending a dangerous amount of time with a new human, which has resulted in the relationship 15 — I just have a little extra love on this frame these days. But to be perfectly honest I need to take a break from moving around the globe so much. My feet feel like they are trying to root — and not heavy like tree roots but more like annoying weed roots — they are there but still easy to pull up given the right amount of force.

So.. I guess the answer is yes. Flying full time and traveling on the side can become less special over time, especially when you feel like you are missing out on amazing things at home whilst bouncing from hotel room to hotel room..


And after all that word vomit — I’m not even close to staying in one place right now. I have a few amazing things on the horizon and normally get a little burnt out around October each year. By middle of next year I am anticipating a few less hours on the aircraft but still galavanting to some new places.

Update — I am trying to get you a quickie video of Chilean Adventures so keep an eye out for that!

Stay tuned for Hawaiian adventures, a trip back to Mexico and a healthy dose of Paris. Also thinking about including my 2018 intentions to this years blog this January? Thoughts..?

Another also — let me know what you want to see on 2018’s blog. Do you want more photos or more videos? Do you like seeing my face or do you prefer destination material? How would you feel about me incorporating a few of my favorite recipes?

Alright holler back kittens! Love you forever. As always thank you for following me especially since I am so inconsistent.

xx Kye



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