Boston in 15 Hours or Less!

A light-hearted post for your Tuesday. I went to Boston over the weekend for less than fifteen hours. It was 26 degrees and I haven’t made you a video in a while. If you only have a couple of hours in Boston and don’t want to:

A. Be super bored.. B. Stay in the airport or.. C. Eat McDonald’s – here is your quick guide to Boston in 45 seconds.

Morning Things: Start you’re morning off right at North End, the Little Italy District! Make sure you arrive hungry because Mike’s Pastry will be eagerly waiting, to supply you with yummy sweets and treats for your tummy! You could spend most of your day in North End alone if you really wanted to! Roam the streets, catch up on your American History and continuously shovel food, sent from heaven into your mouth. Ya know normal things. On this particular Sunday, it was so cold it hurt to be outside, so we took a quick stroll down by the water, over to the aquarium and quickly found shelter.

Afternoon Festivities: If it is above 35 degrees, and you are dressed appropriately, chances are you will take a longer stroll than us and found yourself at Quincy Market. This quintessential marketplace is adorable right now, equipped with Holiday Stalls, Hot Coco and a real life Christmas Tree/Hanukkah Bush! Make sure you grab lunch and warm up inside the food court, while you listen to people play the community piano (pretty well, might I add).

Early Evening Mosey: At this point you are probably winding you’re day down, you’re close enough to take a walk over to Boston Commons to check out the park and frog pond/ice skating rink (This was our intention but between the freezing cold weather and numb body parts we decided to stay cozy indoors until it was time for us to head back to Florida). If you’re feeling super adventurous you can keep walking and eventually you will be greeted by Chinatown and what a lovely greeting that is!

So for the half-day explorer in all of us, be proud that you were able to conquer a magnificent part of Boston in just a few short hours. Do not fear the clock! Make the clock fear you. And at this point you can see that I am delusional and still trying to wake up! On that note, I hope you all have a beautiful morning and enjoy a taste of microscopic travel!

Do you have any tips for traveling through Boston in a short amount of time? Let us me know in the comments!

xx Kye

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