Abbreviate Hike to the Hollywood Sign

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Quick update on me — Between my job and free time I have been traveling nonstop for the last few months. However I’ve manage to collect a few videos and photos along the way to share with you! The next couple weeks I’ll be featuring Central and Southern California! What to do, how to get there and so on and so forth!

So enough back story lets jump into that good — good. A couple of months ago we decided to rent a car on one of our trips and take a stroll up to the Sign of the Stars.

**I call this a stroll only because yours truly is not the most athletic one in the room — an abbreviated hike is probably the best way to describe what went down here **

**Peep the video for exact street names**

Anyhoo — There are countless ways to get a peek at the iconic sign and we decided to test out two separate paths during our outing. The first path is the most well known route, it takes you up the hill towards Griffith Observatory — from Griffith you will find tons of signs and even more humans trying to do the exact same trip as you — so without trying to be as basic as I can be in my description.. follow the signs or the humans. Whichever you prefer! Most likely they will both lead you in the direction that you need to go. (Or just keep reading)

**Sidenote: The Griffith Observatory route not only gives you a great view of the sign but it also has a pretty badass panoramic view of downtown LA .. never underestimate the lazy**


If you decide to take the full hike (6.5 miles) it will take you around three hours and put you right behind the sign .. you can see this route here. But I am a millennial and need instant gratification.. so if you are anything like me you will park your car and take a meager stroll up the side of the hill that puts you directly in front of the sign (AKA Mount Hollywood Drive). That sweet little side street brings you to a perfect viewing point of the sign **Disclaimer** This spot is not going to give you that OHMYGOD WOW factor but it will probably give you the ‘this is cool shit’ reaction.. — if you want that HOLYOHMYGOD reaction keep trekking oooooorrrr cheat like we did and drive through the tight streets of Beachwood Canyon.

This is a super cool neighborhood with winding streets and quirky modern homes — every so often you will get the craziest view of the Hollywood sign on the way up. It literally looks so huge — like someone tried to put it in their house and it just did not fit. Like reach out your car window and touch it close. IT SERIOUSLY LOOKS THAT GIGANTIC. That being said the road will eventually end and loop back around where you can find parking by the Hollywood Reservoir. This is where you are going to want to begin your walk. There are so many good photo ops here but do not get distracted keep walking until you see signs that say *No Access to Hollywood Sign* — these are truthful lies. The truth is there is not direct access to the Hollywood sign from this point … HOWEVER it is the coolest closest point that we found without completely trekking all the way up!


If you are a lot more ambitious than I and want to get your 10,000 steps in check out these  two great references I found while trying to find the sign — Modern Hiker and A Walker in LA. And if you feel like exploring on your own Google Maps is always reliable for your hiking pleasure!

As always — thanks for stopping by and taking a glance at Ohmyitskye! If you have any tips or tricks to hiking the Hollywood sign please leave a comment below!

xx Kye


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