To Colombia We Go!

Hello. I’m supposed to be writing this post from New York, specifically Flushing, however my travel plans were disrupted by a few birds that decided life was just way too much for them to handle. They committed birdie suicide by flying directly into some very sharp propellors, which left me stranded in St. Thomas – poor me right? Right. I didn’t even get to leave the airport. Wah. So unfortunately, I am coming to you live from my couch, in not so sunny South Florida.


That being said apparently this is becoming the blog of weekly updates and unfulfilled plans.. plans that just do not quite make it to the drawing board. My initial post was going to be a quick “How To..” post about an over looked city with hella good dim sim; but since I never made it, you will never know. *MUAHAHAHA* cue villain serenade. Just kidding, it’s an important piece that I’m planning with a killer photog friend of mine Magthree ***Featured Below***!  So give it time.. give it time.

Compliments of Magthree.. Boss Status
Compliments of Magthree.. Boss Status

Since we are here I thought it would be a good opportunity to talk about what to do when your travel plans go South.. in the most literal way possible. Because not only did I get stuck pretty far South, but also because I am now going even further! COLOMBIA HERE I COME.

Tomorrow my happy butt will be sitting on an airplane to Bogota. I will be checking up on my bestie that lives in the city, which I am hoping will lead to some playtime in a few National Parks. Yippee. More to come on that. Today is about what to do when your travel plans fall through, but your travel fire is still burning.


Okay, it’s September 14th you should be en-route to wherever the hell you are going and BAM.. that is when it happens. The annoying thing that is entirely uncontrollable and it completely prevents you from fulling your initial plan (kinda like all of my blogs to date). So what do you do. Let’s keep it easy. Be flexible. Not like USA Gymnast Team flexxy but mentally flexxy. The only consistent thing I have come across in my travels, is that most of the time whatever I have planned is not going to go exactly how I planned, if at all. Some of the best stories I have, are from unplanned shit storms that took me on some sort of great adventure.

Examples of Shit Storms:

  1. Calling your Mom on a pay phone from Morocco because you have $5 in your bank account and 5 days left in your trip. Thank god for pre-purchased flights to London, yummy bread and moroccan olive oil.
  2. Getting to Kisskassa, Hungary to take care of a farm because you are broke and its a free place to stay, only to have one of the animals almost die on your watch. Which leads to the conclusion that Hungarian Veterinarians are not much different than American Veterinarians. (But that is a story for another time.)
  3. Sleeping underneath a bridge in Poland while its snowing, because there are no other trains for the rest of the night, whilst sharing a blanket and chocolate with two wonderful homeless men.. which will eventually lead to you and your friend running down a sleeper train at 3am to pay three times the price, just to have a warm place to sleep and a ride to the next city.
  4. Almost getting killed in a bus accident on the side of a mountain in Vietnam, on your way to Da Lat also at 3am. Maybe I should stop traveling at night.
  5. Having food poisoning in Laos half way between Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng, using the facilities only to realize you have no toilet paper.. but you do have a half read book.
  6. Getting stuck for nearly 24 hours in San Juan, Puerto Rico and opting to get a hotel room for the evening, which was actually just a meat freezer with beds.

Just to name a few instances.

Me. Pondering how the f*ck I'm going to get home.
Me. Pondering how the f*ck I’m going to get home.

So..Tips, Tricks, and whatever else.

  • Keep on keepin’ on. If you run into something funky that semi disrupts the game plan take a minute to regroup, get a coffee and if it is a nonnegotiable keep on trekking towards that goal.
  • Always have a second option in mind, whether this be a hotel, mode of transportation, alternate city. It’s always helpful to do enough research so that you can have a solution if things are not going exactly how you expected them to.
  • Whatever happens is meant to be. As cliche as that damn sentence is. You are exactly where you are supposed to be in that moment.
  • Ask the locals for help. Usually the local people are more than happy to help you get to where you need to be or find proper accommodation. Very rarely have I had a rude encounter when asking a stranger for help.
  • One thing I always try to do before I get ready to hop on a plane, train or automobile is make sure that my devices are charged.. specifically my cell phone.
  • And the most important piece of travel advice I can give you, is to be patient and trust that the universe has a plan and that it is probably a much better than what you have concocted your self.
  • Buggy anyone?
    Buggy anyone?

So all of this being said. A lot of birds died in the making of this post. I was semi-freaked out because I was not sure what to talk to you about today and I was very excited to play in New York.. however, it’s okay because I told you to stop being so uptight and be a little more flexible. And now I will be leaving on a jet-plane to Colombia. So I think everyone is happy.

What do you do when a travel crisis ensues? Let me know below. I’d love to hear what other solutions you have come up with.

Viva Colombia!! xx Kye

Here is a photo of me enjoying corn in Colombia.
Here is a photo of me enjoying corn in Colombia.

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